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About Us

The Mangatrai story began in 1935 in Hyderabad with the goal of giving India the jewellery of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, it deserved. Mangatrai Pearls, a part of the illustrious Mangatrai family, offers a fascinating array of the most beautiful Pearls, unique and with their own characteristics

Every Mangatrai Pearl is picked for their highest grade, quality, color, and shape. Imbued with an organic sensuality and a natural elegance that is a harmonious integration of artistic excellence and superb craftsmanship, each Mangatrai Pearl Jewellery comes with the famous Mangatrai trademark finish. Pushing new design boundaries to challenge not only the concept of classic pearl jewellery but jewellery design itself, Mangatrai Pearls is a passionate brand built on quality and excellence.

Under the able guidance of a dynamic Ajay Gupta, Mangatrai Pearls has successfully transformed into an innovative and respected Pearls Jewellery maker. Supplementing a dynamic management are an experienced team of skilled craftsmen and artisans who transfer their magical expertise into every Mangatrai Pearl product, culminating in some of the most enthralling Pearl Jewellery.

Today, our Pearls Collection of Pearl Rings, Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets, Pearl Pendants, etc, are underpinned by an innate sense of the experimental offering elegant custom designs joined with top quality craftsmanship. Further, Mangatrai Pearls also offers a range of bespoke creations and pieces that are customized to your needs. Each Mangatrai Pearls Product comes with a guarantee of authenticity.

The Mangatrai Pearls collection is ever changing and fresh variants are constantly added to elevate the enduring mystique of the Mangatrai Pearls brand. With several satisfied customers, Mangatrai Pearls has become a trusted brand and a popular destination for a wide range of Pearls Jewellery for all occasions.


Because we

  • Offer the most extraordinary Pearl collection from gorgeous Pearl Rings to Stunning Pearl Necklaces, Beautiful Pearl Bracelets and Lovely Earrings, etc;
  • Offer only Certified Pearls at the Absolute Best Prices;
  • Are home to the most talented jewellery designers and craftsmen. Our team ensures that each Pearl piece is exquisite and polished to perfection, in tune with the latest designs and trends in the industry;
  • Offer the best deals, whether it's a major festival occasion or an ordinary day. And our products are priced, most competitively to ensure that it's an investment and not an expense;
  • Offer excellent customer service. At Mangatrai Pearls, we believe that customers are our Pearls and should be treated with utmost care and believe in making your visit a remarkable experience;
  • Offer not only the highest quality products, but also offer a range of complimentary benefits that makes your purchase a double delight; &
  • Offer something special for every taste and preference, and our large collection of pearl jewelry is certain to hold something perfect for you.

At Mangatrai Pearls, we never compromise quality and believe that you must get the best value for your money. With great Pearl Product collection, friendly customer service and hassle-free shopping experience, you really just can't afford to miss what we've got to offer.


Our philosophy is to offer unique classic Pearl Jewellery of elegant designs that enhance the persona of the wearer. That is why our collection is a natural extension of our passion for timeless designs that will be treasured for an eternity.

We believe that jewellery should last a lifetime and Pearl's enduring appeal is a way of celebrating life, its milestones and magical moments. All our Pearl Rings, Pearl Pendants, and other pieces reflect a tradition of self-adornment which extends back many thousands of years, creating a brand of enduring style and matchless charm.


Commitment to quality is the single-most distinguishing feature of Mangatrai Pearls. Every Pearl from Mangatrai Pearls is hand-selected from our many pearl harvests and inspected with precision for bright luster, perfect shape, thick nacre, blemish-free surfaces and genuine rich colours before being used by our jewellery artisans.

Our commitment to quality is driven by a passionate love for the unique beauty of the pearl, a factor on which we never compromise. We believe in making sure that every Pearl of ours is naturally beautiful and require no treatment of any kind. In support of the same, every purchase of Mangatrai Pearls comes with our Certificate of Authenticity to assure that they are genuine and authentic pearls.

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