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Q. Are your Pearls real?

A. Yes, they are. All our Pearls are a mix of real natural and cultured Pearls. They have been carefully selected by our team after stringent quality and performance tests.

Q. How are the Pearls graded at Mangatrai?

A. The grading work done at Mangatrai is of a high standard. Based on a transparent and consistent assessment of the quality of our Pearl Jewellery, all our Pearl Jewellery is graded in accordance with a system set out in tune with international standards that takes into account the 4Cs system for grading diamonds.

Q. Does Mangatrai Pearls provide a certificate with Pearl jewellery bought from you?

A. Normally we don't provide since our brand is synonymous with quality, purity and reliability. In addition we have a healthy track record of providing genuine Pearl Jewellery since our inception. However, if the customer so insists on a Certificate, we shall make arrangements for the same.

Q. There are times when the Colour of your Pearl Jewellery in your Website photograph differs from what it is when one looks at the Pearl Jewellery up-close in person. Why is it so?

A. The photographs are usually done using the latest high resolution photography equipment. Accordingly, the colour of the pearls may vary slightly due to the different lighting conditions during photography session. Else there is not even a semblance of a difference between the two.

Q. Does Mangatrai offer engraving service?

A. Yes, we do. On your request, the Pearl Jewellery can be custom engraved by hand in our showroom by our artisans. The whole process takes approximately 3-5 working days to complete.

Q. Does Mangatrai offer bespoke service?

A. Yes, we do. We can create a bespoke Pearl Necklace or any Pearl Jewelery Kind bought from us or purchased from some other source. With your ideas or our own, we can produce a bespoke Pearl Jewellery that matches your expectations.

Q. Does Mangatrai offer any Gift Wrapping service?

A. Yes, we do. All Pearl Jewellery bought from us is carefully gift wrapped and shipped to you in our signature gift wrap or jewellery box or pouch.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Simple, just look up our Contact Us Page and find as on date E Mail IDs / Contact Nos. Know that our normal hours of business are 9.30am to 7.00pm Monday to Saturday. Whatever be your query, we will Endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible outside these hours.

Q. Does Mangatrai have a retail shop? OR can I see one in other stores like say a Mall?

A. Yes, Mangatrai Pearl has an attractive showroom in Hyderabad. In addition, we are also starting an online business to help people make online purchases. Coming to Mangatrai store in a Mall, we don't have any at the moment.

Q. What guarantees do I have to your Pearls quality?

A. We offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee which makes sure of complete satisfaction with all our products. In case you are not satisfied for a particular reason, please refer to our 'Returns Policy' for further instructions. You can be assured that you will receive a full refund.

Q. I don't see a particular Pearl that I'm looking for. Can you help?

A. Yes, we can. Just intimate your requirement vide an E Mail or Call us at our Contact No's (Please refer our 'Contact Us' Link) to let us know what you are after and we will do everything we can to give you your dream piece of Pearl Jewellery.

Q. Can I pick up my order, if I order Online?

A. Yes, You can. Just drop in at our showroom (Refer to the address in 'Contact Us' Link). You need to only intimate us well before delivery period.

Q. I would like to restring my pearls. How often it's done?

A. Basically it depends on how often you wear your pearls. The Pearl Strand at Mangatrai Pearls is of a good quality and is strung on pure silk thread. The more you wear, the more it is likely to wear down a little. So it's recommended that you restring your pearls once a year or so since the silk thread that we use starts to degrade after a period of wearing from body oils, moisture in the air and other pollutants. This tends to result in breakdown of the Silk Thread. Apart from restringing, you are also requested to ensure that they are cleaned at regular intervals and also stored well.

Q. How often should I get my Pearls cleaned?

A. As you know that Pearls are delicate and need real care to ensure that they look beautiful for a long time. It's advisable that you clean them after each time you wear them. Just wiping your pearls delicately with a soft cloth should be sufficient. For further information, Please refer our 'Education' Link'.

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